Everyone wants to know how to design good and proper video games, but new makers often don’t know where to begin.

This is a question asked by designers and programmers the world round!

In this 250 part series of lessons, we will show you the ins and outs of good and proper game design.

Wait what! Where are you going?

Created in 48 hours for the 2022 Alberta Game Jam.


  • A/D to move.
  • W to jump.
  • E to interact.
  • Click to use menus.



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Wow the music and sound is really good on this! Played it twice just to see if there might’ve been another route for explorers ya kno


I will have to come back to this one soon! I wandered off-screen (level 3, I think - right after you unlock the interact function), fell through the world but kept reading thinking that this was a bit.

Oops! Thanks for letting me know, was a complete oversight :P It's fixed now